Friday, July 30, 2004

It's been a while since I've updated. So here we go.....

Projects that I'm currently working on: A luxurious velvet pieced throw with embroidered vines and flowers over it. The current colors are Red, Purple, Moss Green and a buttery brown color. It's more than a little decadent, and I love it :) I'm thinking instead of standard tufting, I'll over stuff it, and use buttons for the tie downs, of course covering the buttons with more velvet, and possibly embroidering them.

I really should write a little essay on the care and feeding of demanding muses. Mine just won't let me alone. I've also been working on a silk/linen pouch, in German counted satin stitch and it's coming along, though slowly. Also a fast embroidery piece, on cheap printed cotton, with DMC (love that green color they came out with this year). Oh, and a tunic collar, and a pair or three of viking pants, and let's not forget the doublet....sigh, I hate the muse, she's so demanding.