Sunday, May 04, 2008

I've moved the desk to the front of the room. I think that'll work better, and maybe improve the wireless internet connection out there. (not so many walls, pipes, and stuff)

And moving the desk has given me a dance floor in the rest of the room. It's a good space for a table and chairs, and laying out sewing.

I've still got to work on the above-shelf storage. I'm not entirely sure how to set it up, but I'll get it figured out.

And that is a finished organized shelf. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. If all goes well, I'll have this finished in a few more days.

Happy crafting to you all!


Kinichi River Designs said...

I love organization projects! (I just need to get crackin' on my craft room!) Thanks for sharing the pics. It looks like its coming along well.

beard5 said...

This one has been a lot of fun, in a weird sort of way, I'm finding stuff I forgot I had, and it's getting me inspired to make stuff.