Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving the desk to the front was a good idea. I'm able to fit a rug (just picked it up Saturday at IKEA) and the round worktable back there. It's starting to look a lot better. The unfinished state of the walls and floor is an annoyance, but I can live with it.

I like the flow of the space better now too. I think it'll be much more functional once it's finished.

This is the jewelry storage, it took almost a week of sorting to get it all together. Now I've got a much better idea of what I have and what I can work with. It's a marvelous thing.

More to do,
Happy crafting to you all.

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Waterrose said...

Hey you! Thanks for stopping by to visit. Looks like you had a lot of "fun" reorganizing! I'm on the verge of doing that again too...but i'm avoiding it for as long as I